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Hard Hat Top Coats/Metallic 2100

Metallic appearance and durable protection

  • Metallic spray: nice finish, good protection
  • For bare metal and galvanised steel
  • Usable as topcoat on zinc primers and galvanised
  • Finish with transparent topcoat for the best result
  • Ideal for machinery, pumps, toolboxes, etc.
  • Available in sparkling, gloss and stainless steel
  • Heat-resistant up to 100 °C

HARD HAT® 2185 Galva Zinc

The No. 1. Zinc Coating

  • Matt grey appearance
  • 90% zinc in the dry film (99% pure zinc)
  • To protect bare, rust free metal and galvanised
  • Ideal for touching-up welding seams
  • Conforms to DIN 50.976 (1983
  • Resists 500 hours of salt spray testing (DIN)

1015 / 1078 Heat-Resistant Coating

High temperature protection

  • For continuous temperatures up to 650°C
  • For peak temperatures up to 750°C
  • For on bare metal or slightly rusted surfaces
  • Ideal for engines, heat cannons, pipes, vents, etc.
  • Coverage: 10-12 m²/ l
  • To handle after 2 hours (at 20°C)
  • Available in black satin-matt and Aluminium

NEW! Also in brush version

Hard Hat Fluorescent Top Coats

Bright colour marking for increased safety

  • Highly visible fluorescent coatings
  • Ideal for railings, signs, colour coding etc.
  • First apply matt white 2190 for best results
  • Finish with transparent topcoat for better gloss
  • To handle after 30 minutes (at 20°C)
  • Coverage: 3-4 m² per aerosol
  • Available in red, orange, yellow, green and blue